1. What is Popuz?

    Popuz is a social gaming network, with thousands of users in multiple languages ​​and managers based mainly in sports, if you want to know more things about popuz.com, you can go here

  2. How I can start playing?, Do I have to install something?

    You only need to register on the website of popuz.com and you can start playing all the games available on the web, do not need any downloads or installation to play.

  3. Are all games for free?, Do you have premium version?

    All games are absolutely free, Popuz.com don´t have paid version of any game, and so all users have equal chances of winning by participating in them.

  4. What is Karma?

    A value from 0 to 10 representing user activity on the website and the effect on it, is formed by its ranking in the various games, time that visiting the site and other important values​​.

  5. I have a doubt and it is not found in the FAQ, how I can contact you?

    Click on "Contact us", complete the form indicating your question and as soon as we can we will contact you to resolve it, as it is of general interest if may become part of this FAQ.

  6. What is RF? I do not understand it.

    RF is an abbreviation of resultados-Futbol.com, a social network for football fans.

  7. I have several teams in popuz, ¿I can make transfers between them?

    Generally no, only the teams within the same server (and obviously still the same sport) may be related or even see each other.

    An example: Your A Team in the RF server will see your B team on the same server (passing money and players), but you can not see your other team in the server Popuz.com

  8. My team is gone! What happened?

    Users can lose their computers for long periods of inactivity, if you spend one month without logging in, you will receive an warning email , two weeks later the team will be free.

    you can return to play this game in the future but you will be assigned another team.

  9. can I have more than one team in each game?

    You can have many teams in each of the games, but always limited by the servers, each server can currently have up to 3 teams. (Team A, B and training camp)

  10. I can not play several games, their shields are displayed in gray, what is happening?

    The game is still not available, you can sign up to reserve your place and as soon as is active, you will receive an email.

  11. What games are available? Are all sports games?

    Currently you can play Fantasy Soccer Manager (soccer) and the Futsal Fantasy Manager (Futsal) in two different servers, The Fantasy Basketball Manager (Basketball) will soon be available, others are under development, and not rule out the possibility of adding non-sports games on the web Popuz, we are always growing =).

  12. When trying to edit my profile leads me to another page, called results-Futbol.com, something wrong happens?

    No, currently editing profiles, avatars and information is managed from the editors of results-Futbol.com.

  13. I receive many emails and I do not want receive any more, Where I can change this option?

    Under "Edit My Profile" at the option of "notices and privacy" can set the type of mail you receive, as well as set other characteristics of your profile.

  14. Where I can change my password? And Resign?

    Within the "Edit Profile" you can do both.

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What is Popuz?

Popuz is a social network game online manager, thousands of players face daily in the various web games, these games are based principalente in sports (such as football, basketball, water polo or as exotic as hockey and rugby) where players direct a team of elite athletes to victory.

Games have many options and can design the tactics of your team with gral freedom as the ability to customize your shirt or your shield makes you feel the same colors.